Traxdata Silver Full Face Printable 52X 80Min Cd-R - 50 Pack - Blank Media

Traxdata SILVER FULL FACE Printable 52x 80min CD-R - 50 PACK


  • £6.95

These quality Traxdata CD-R disc's are capable of recording all data of speeds up to 52x Speed.

Traxdata High Quality CD-R Printable 80min CD-R Disc ... quality for unsurpassed compatibility, data integrity and lifetime use !

If you require a very high quality 52x speed 80min CD-R that is "PRINTABLE" at an unbelievable price...look no further !

This disc has a SILVER FULL SURFACE PRINTABLE top surface that is suitable for inkjet printing.

These can be printed right up to the centre ring !

These CD-R are ideal for printing in printers by Epson, Copytrax and ODixon.

These superb discs are 80min/700mb in storage size and are up to 52x speed compatible.

These discs are ideal for all your backups.
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