Sades Sa-711 Chopper Blue Pc Stereo Gaming Headset

Sades SA-711 Chopper Blue PC Stereo Gaming Headset


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SA-711 Gaming Headset - The SA-711 Blue PC Stereo Gaming Headset is a Primary Gaming headset for a PC. With its powerful 40mm speaker helping create a soft and pleasant tone as well as delivering great sound whilst playing. The headsets unique design is enhanced with its comfortable and light-weight ear cups along with the soft PU ear pad and the padded headband mean gaming is comfortable for longer. The highly-sensitive microphone means not only can you hear your friends but you can hear your enemies clearly while in long battles.

Key Features

Speaker - A Powerful 40mm speaker gives you a soft and pleasant tone whilst you play

Ear Cups - Light-weight ear cups with unique design make it easy to take anywhere you want

Ear Cushion - A Padded headband and soft ear cushions give you more comfort while you play

Microphone - The High-sensitive microphone allows you to be heard clearer whilst in battle


Connectivity: 3.5mm jack x 2;Channel : Stereo 2.0;Cable Length: Aprox.2.2m;Colour : Black and Blue;Driver Unit: 40mm;Frequency Response: 20-20KHZ;Mic Frequency: 50-10KHZ;Mic Impedance : 20hm at 1khz;Headphone Impedance: 320hm at 1khz;
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