Maplin 8cm 80mm Black PC Fan 3Pin+4Pin Male/Female Connector


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Our black PC case fan has been designed so that a satisfying amount of air is moved around your case while emitting low amounts of noise. It spins at 2000RPM, which equates to 26.16 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air being moved around your case, a good amount that will keep your case cool. Despite spinning at such a high RPM this fan is quiet, with only 22.7dBA of noise created.

With plenty of airflow generated by this fan, it is best to locate it in open locations where little is obstructing the fan. You could use the fan as an exhaust fan for your rig, or as an intake fan for side panels or the bottom of your case.

Key Features

Spinning at 2000RPM, just 22.7dBA of noise is emitted so it’s quiet.

Moves 26.16 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air, producing good airflow around your system.

Standard 3-pin fan connector and 4-pin Molex connector for fans you want to spin at 100 percent speed at all times.


Fan Bearing: Sleeve bearing
Mount Included : Yes
Colour : Black
Airflow: 26.16 cfm
Rotation Speed: 2000RPM
Noise Level: 22.7dB
Adjustable Fan Speed: No
Wattage: 1.56W
Operating Voltage : 12V
Connector: 3-pin fan connector and 4-pin Molex connection
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