Generic 1.8M Asta Certified Kettle Lead Power Mains Cable H05Vv-F 5A Fuse Od 7.0Mm

Generic 1.8M ASTA Certified Kettle Lead Power Mains Cable H05VV-F 5A Fuse OD 7.0mm


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A High Quality Fully Moulded 3 pin UK plug fused at 5 amps to IEC C13 socket. This is used for powering a monitor or PC and a whole host of other PC Equipment. The plug comes fully tested and is supplied with a fitted 5 amp fuse. This plug is ROHS compliant ensuring the highest material standards in Europe.

Key Features

Product - UK 3 Pin Mains Kettle Lead C13 Power Lead Cord Cable

Standard - BS1363/A, H05VV-F, IEC60320-C13

Fuse - 5 amp

Rate - 5A / 250V~

Length - 1.8M


Cable length: 1.8m;Earth Pin Length: 22.5ñ0.5mm;Earth Pin Width: 4.0ñ0.05mm;Earth Pin Height: 7.9ñ0.01mm;Live / Neutral Pin Length: 17.7ñ0.5mm;Live / Neutral Pin Width: 6.35ñ0.1mm;Live / Neutral Pin Height: 4.0ñ0.05mm;Live / Neutral Sleeve: <9.5mm;Live / Neutral to periphery: 10.0ñ0.05mm;Conductor Sectional area: 3G0.75 mmý;Conductor Construction: 24/0.20mm;Conductor Insulation Nom. Thick: 0.60mm;Conductor Insulation Nom. Daim: 2.35mm;Conductor Jacket Nom. Thick: 0.80mm;Conductor Jacket Nom. Daim: 7.00mm;Ampage: 5A;Voltage: 250V~;
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