Game Max Gs300 300W 80 Plus Bronze Matx Power Supply

Game Max GS300 300w 80 Plus Bronze Matx Power Supply

Game Max

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GameMax Micro SFX Design are known mostly as a replacement power supply, but it has now evolved and can be used for Mini-ATX cases, custom built computers, mini-servers, and much more. With the increase of wattage and efficiency, the micro SFX is a conventional PSU that can be used for multiple purposes. The Active PFC and Full Range function promotes a smarter PSU. Able to detect the differences of wattage that is needed to power up your system, you can be rest assured as it will provide and maintain the most suitable power needed. Thermal fan speed control it will detect the amount of heat generated by the computer. Using this controller to detect the heat levels, it will automatically adjust the fan speed accordingly and the need to worry about the heat levels, of a PSU, becomes almost non-existent.

Key Features

Active PFC and Full Range AC Input (100-240V)

Designed for custom built PCs, mini-servers and HTPCs

Smart auto fan speed controller

The micro SFX design

Safety and EMC certified by CE


Connectors:;20-Pin Motherboard: 1;4+4 Pin 12V: 1;SATA: 3;4-Pin Molex: 1;Output:;3.3V: 15A;5V: 15A;12V1: 20A;-12V: 0.5A;+5VSB: 2.5A
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