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Acousti AcoustiFan: DustPROOF 80mm PC Fan Ultra Quiet


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AcoustiFan™ DustPROOF - Premium Quality Quiet 80mm Multi-Purpose Cooling Fan
The fan motor for the DustPROOF range of virtually silent fans is extremely quiet. The AcoustiFan™ DustPROOF series use the highest quality double-ball bearings available for reliability, use-anywhere inside a PC for extra long life expectancy (upgrade your PC and take these fans with you!). One of the unique features of these PC fans is that the motor has been completely sealed from the outside environment. This prevents dust entering the motor and also reduces the amount of noise perceived to be coming from the bearings within the motor.

Each DustPROOF™ quiet fan is also supplied with a unique 3-speed fan cable which offers maximum flexibility (3-pin or 4-pin Molex power connectors), along with the ability to select a fan speed suitable for your PC and noise sensitivity. The black connector will run your fan at full speed (12V), the blue connector will run the fan at medium speed (7.5V), and the white connector will run it at minimum speed (5V). However, if you opt for the white connector (minimum fan speed), be certain to design the airflow through your PC system carefully and monitor system and component temperatures. Acousti have even included four handy cable ties with each DustPROOF™ fan!

The DustPROOF™ quiet fans also incorporate an Auto Start safety feature. This feature is built into the fan's PCB and automatically restarts the fan after the release of any obstacle which has prevented the blades from spinning.

Specifications DustPROOF 80mm
Fan size (edge to edge) 80 mm
Manufacturer Acousti Products
Model AFDP-8025B
Air volume at full speed (12V), CFM ±10% 19.9
Noise level at full speed (12V), dB(A) 15.6
Fan speed at full speed (12V), RPM ±10% 1600
Air volume at reduced speed (7.5V), CFM ±10% 11.7
Noise level at reduced speed (7.5V), dB(A) <10
Fan speed at reduced speed (7.5V), RPM ±10% 1000
Power consumption, W 0.96
Weight, g 86
Approximate cable length, cm ±10% 40
Ingress protection rating IP55
Life expectancy @ 25°C continuous use 6 years
Power connector 3-pin, 4-pin
Bearing type 2-Ball
Accessories 3-Speed fan cable
Mounting hardware included Screws
Fan depth 25 mm
Rated voltage 12 VDC
EAN barcode 5060087740249

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