Cit 400W Micro Atx Psu M-400U

CiT 400W Micro Atx PSU M-400U


  • £18.99

Key Features

Silent PSU with Temperature Control Fan

ATX 12V Compliant for all kinds of CPU and mainboard

MTBF 50,000 Hours @ 25 degrees C

2 x SATA Connectors

4 x 4-Pin Molex Connectors


Connectors:;20+4 Pin Motherboard: 1;4-Pin 12V: 1;SATA: 2;4-Pin Molex: 4;Floppy: 1;Output:;3.3V: 18A;5V: 20A;12V1: 21A;-12V: 0.3A;+5VSB: 2A
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