Aerocool Integrator 500W 80+ Certified Psu 12Cm Black Fan Active Pfc Tw Caps Uk Cable

Aerocool Integrator 500W 80+ Certified PSU 12cm Black Fan Active PFC TW Caps UK Cable


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Aerocool launched brand new Integrator power supply series aim to mainstream computing systems. Numbers of SATA connectors for RAID storage, up to 85% efficiency for power saving, and single +12V rail for extreme CPU/GPU power consumption. Good DC quality with lower ripple and noise, and fully protect functions to guard your components in system. No more headache to install by long 20+4P and 4+4P up to 550mm.ôô80 PLUS© Website - Visit the 80 PLUS© Website Here for more details.

Key Features

Black Outlook - Elegant black PSU casing with fully black mesh cables.

ATX12V ver.2.31 - Compliant with ATX12V Ver.2.3.

High Efficiency - High efficiency PSU - up to 85% efficiency.

Single 12V Rail - Single 12V rail for high compatibility and extreme high current output.

Long Cabling - Main cable length up to 550mm is easy for high-end tower chassis installation.


Connectors:;20+4 Pin Motherboard: 1;4+4 Pin 12V: 1;SATA: 6;4-Pin Molex: 3;6+2 Pin PCI-e: 1;Floppy: 1;Output:;3.3V: 18A;5V: 16A;12V1: 38A;-12V: 0.3A;+5VSB: 2.5A
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