12cm Halo Blue Ring 22 LED 120mm PC Cooling Fan

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The Halo dual ring LED fan are designed with the gaming enthusiast in mind. The dual ring LEDs, will bathe your components in cool LED light, as well as giving any tempered glass or mesh panel (which they are near) a more unique look. With a fan speed of 1100rpm, along with the hydro bearing and anti-vibration pads, keep the Halo ultra silent only generating a max. noise level of 22.0dB(A) whilst keeping your computer components cool. The 3 pin fan connector and 4 pin molex allow for the Halo to be used on most computers.

Key Features

Dual Ring LED - 22 LED Dual Ring Single colourfan.
High Airflow - With a measured airflow rating of up to 32.0 CFM.
Low Noise - The hydro (liquid) bearing fan keep noise levels low (max. 22.0dB(A) .
Compatability - With both the 3pin fan connector and 4 pin molex, this fan can be used on both modern and older computers.


Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Frame Colour: Black
Fan Blades / Colour: 9 / Black
LED Qty / Type: 22 pcs / Single Colour Ring
Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing
Fan Speed: 1100 rpm ± 10%
Max. Air Flow: 32.0 CFM
Max. Static Air Pressure: 1.2mm-H2O
Noise Level (max.): 22.0dB(A)
Cable Length: 590mm
Accessories: 4 x screws inc.
Connector(s): 3pin fan connector & 4 pin molex
Rated Voltage: DC 5.0 ~ 13.8V
Rated Current (max.): 280mA (max. 330mA)
Rated Input Power: 3.36W
Test Voltage: 12V
Start Voltage: 5V
M.T.B.F.: 40,000 hours

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