Genius NX-7000 Wireless Mouse Review

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Another top mouse from an old player in computer accessories, GENIUS. The beauty of this mouse is not just in its looks but in its new feature called BlueEye sensor. Whats so good about BlueEye senser? well it will allow this wireless mouse to work on all surfaces even glass. We have tried it on plastic and wood and it works just as good as on a mouse mat, Genius?

As a budget mouse it packs a nice 1200 dpi resolution giving your accurate control and accuracy even for gaming. Ergonomically designed to free your muscles from the long hours of use, the contoured shape is very comfy and can browse the internet without your hand getting tired. 

The NX-7000 is available in the now standard 2.4 GHz wireless technology, and is compatible with all the versions of Windows unless you have Windows 3.1. Works nicely with LINUX and MAC OS 10.7.4 or later. Genius has included a micro receiver with the mouse taking up as little space as needed. Also bundled with mouse is the SMARTGENIUS app giving you the ability to adjust the scrolling settings. Included is a single AA battery giving you six months use.

The Genius NX-7000 wireless mouse comes in 5 colours: Black, Green, Blue, White and Red. 

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