Game Max 550W Modular RGB Power Supply REVIEW

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Game Max has introduced RGB lighting in to their power supplies and it is something we really enjoy. It has been something of a success and allow subsequent models are also getting the RGB treatment. The only flipside to the power supply is there is no digital interface meaning the LED lights can only be customised buy pressing a button on the back of the power supply.  This only needs to be done once as the power supply will remember your selection next time to turn your machine on but is limited to 256 colours. The power supply comes with a 14mm fan instead of the usual 12mm size.

The Game Max 550w PSU comes below the budget at £55 but dont let this put you off as this is a top power supply unit. The other great thing about this PSU is that it is semi passive so the fan doesnt spin at low usage and slowly ramps up the more power is required. In use, on most computers, your barely can hear this model.

This PSU is excellent value and is fully modular, so you only have to connect the cables that you actually need. This model has two PCi-E graphics cards connectors. There are plenty of other connectors for your regular peripherals and drives, though. This is our top choice for most builds, but buy one of the higher rated models (1000w) if you're looking to build a more powerful computer. 


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